Recent Work

Getting ready for the Drag Strip.

A successful race season with JPR.

Completed- Mad Mike Whiddett Lamborghini build ! Full build series link below

The Backstory of the
 Earnest  Squire Workshop Apron

Humbled and grateful to work with the best workwear brand in the world. We don't know where to begin and how to say thank you enough Earnest. 

Mad Mike Motorsport 

The best activation with NIMBUL and Kamaz- Check video link attached

2 Days before loading in a container for Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

Top secret testing and shake down with Mad Mike Whiddett before the PPRE built MX5 went to the USA for formula drift 

Drift Shifters 2018 - Liverpool

Redbull Drift Shifters 2014 - Auckland

Leadfoot Festival  - Mad Mike  Motorsport 2016- to current 

Squire's Motorsport and Custom - Street build

Current team member and engineer for Panoroma Motorsport

Successful race season with Panorama Motorsport - 2018 Champions 


Nissan S13 - Full ground up build- complete for D1NZ and Missile Mike collaboration


MCA suspension "Hammerhead" pre event prep and event spanner work. Driven by Earl Bamber - Shane van Gisbergen - Tim Slade - Glenn Seton - Murray Coote

Assist MCA suspension in the completion of there 370z drift car - Later driven by Josh Coote - Chris Forsberg and our very own Shane Van Gisbergen.

Time Slade - Winning Pro class and fastest RWD and outright !

MCA - Hammerhead

The 370z at World Time Challenge -Sydney Australia 

Drifting National and International 

Daigo Saitos Corvette at Fat Five Racing HQ with all his trophies lining the walls.

Daigo Saito D1GP - Japan- Assist in the new setup and running Fat Five

Some event fun in the SMC Missile at D1NZ at pitlane walk. Daigo Saito driving the Toyotas Galore GT86

All smiles after a very long and wet weekend at the track.

D1NZ - Ryan Tuerck from the USA.
SMC -Ran the team and car for the event.

Suspension repairs on Ryan Tuercks Formula Drift GT86 pre Drift shifters 2014- Auckland NZ

World Time Attack in Sydney Drifting with Jesse Greenslade

 Day 2

 Day 3

The best team photo post event! - Pink Style at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park

Rolling out pit lane on a wet Waikato day at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park. 

 Pink Style photos at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park.

Formula Drift Japan with Kawato San from TCP Magic, Fujinaka San and his family in the pits.


Custom Street

Install KW HLS suspension system to New Zealand certification standards 

"Black Out" 

Fit and Supply wheels and suspension - Just a fun quick job !

1977 LX Torana LS1 -the start of a full build going to Australia - more to follow on this build currently in our workshop 

Mitsubishi full wide body, custom body kit- to NZ certification standard 

We made the cover!

Airrex airride suspension install

Mad Mike Whiddett - Lamborghini 


S13 cage installed

New "bash bar" and body mounts - Offroad racing use 

More to come on this.

Main hoop fitment- Current MANZ specs

Rollcage junction - Mig welded foot plates- Tig welded cage

Mig welded foot plate- Tig welded cage

Mig weld - thin wall to heavy plate 

Rollcage foot plate- mig welded

Full 3 inch exhaust on off-road Nissan Patrol 

MX5 Winters quick change subframe

Motorsport New Zealand approved - tig welded rollcage - Mx5 Softtop

Sheet metal work - Holden Torana

CAD/3D Printing /CNC 

Carbon 3D Print

Motec C125 custom dash mount installed- designed and manufactured in house

Temporary switch box - 3d printed - CNC top plate

Motec c125 mount - assembled - pre install - designed and manufactured in house

Our in house CNC doing a nice clean cut

CAD drawn -Battery box in passenger footwell

Weekends at the track


Richard Moore- V8ute Champion - MItre 10 Racing 

"Victory skid"

The start of V8 SuperTourers and a successful team - M3 Racing - Greg Murphy -Paul Manuel -Richard Moore 

The start of V8 Supertourers and a successful team - M3 Racing - Greg Murphy -Paul Manuel Richard Moore

M3 Racing Championship Podium - 3 years full time with M3 Racing as tyre engineer parts, logistics and workshop hands

Richard Moores super tourer shake down 

Greg Murphys supertourer shake down

Paul Manuels supertourer shake down

Air Bag Suspension