What can we do for you ?



From a simple string line to a full overhaul or just a consult, we cover everything needed to get that podium. Track side engineering and pre-race setup, we offer many years of hands on experience. Working with some of the biggest national and international names in race, drift and time attack - we have the experience to change yours! Knowing what it takes to be on top  and a budget is one of them, we offer fixed price packages. This fixed price service has become very popular as we have no hidden costs, and allows us to spend more time progressing forward. Pre-race setups starting from just $495 nzd.




If you are looking at taking the next step forward and don't know where to start, let us help. We can assist remotely or  track side with team structure, strategy, logistics suggested maintenance program, all with a personalized hands on approach.

This is a great addition to our motor sport services and has been a huge part to our teams success. This becomes a part of our service with a seasonal packages to help us make your team succeed!


If you want to do it right and get on the track or you are already there, let our services and experience save you time and money on and off the track. Full builds or development, if its a grass roots or world-class they all deserve the same service filled with pride, knowledge and respect. With our modern workshop and up to date technology, we can assist you in any part of reaching your goals.

With the colourful world of motor-sport there is so many variables to each job, so to make this simple we offer fixed price quotes on most jobs- and hourly rates no more than any skilled tradesman.


With  ever changing styles and trends old or new, our focus is its done right!
From supplying and fitting aftermarket wheels to complete show stopping full custom builds we've done it. Daily drivers to international reveals its all part of the culture, no build is to big or to small for us too be apart of.



This is a modern technology we just cant get enough of! From large scale affordable working prototypes to the finished product the possibilities are endless! Our industrial machines produce basic prototypes to complete useable components. Using the most advanced technology and materials on the market today. We do our own in house design or we are happy to just provide our printing services. Printing starting as little as $10 per hour 

SMC - CAD 3D Print


With the perfection we pride ourselves on and the tools it takes to get that result this has been a key aspect to reaching our preferred tolerances. If its a simple box to a complicated CNC component we offer a solution- a 3D printed prototypes  to laser cut or CNC folded sheet metal components its all part of what sets us apart!


SMC - CAD design




Being involved in this industry for a life time and working on almost every continent in the world, our net work spreads very far and wide. This service has come naturally with the international work and has been very beneficial locally, allowing international vehicles and parts to be inspected with local requirements in mind. From something as small as a rare Ayrton Senna collectible die-cast to a full size cruiser we have found it. If you want it we can deliver it...

SMC - Vehicle Sourcing